Here at Shiloh, we know that "content is king". Content that informs, inspires and delivers the right message to the right audience. Our recent social media marketing campaign for the Heart and Stroke Foundation broke all production speed limits. The result? Powerful content that is delivering exceptional results.

"Thanks Cameron — what a race it's been! We were happy to have you aboard for the ride — and we are very, very pleased with our videos"

Jane-Diane Fraser

Heart&Stroke Foundation

At Shiloh MediaGroup Inc. we are award winning, experienced producers creating high impact solutions for broadcast, the web and social media. From the arts to complex healthcare issues; whether the need is education, training, motivation or marketing, we achieve the highest in creative expression combined with a thorough understanding of the communications goals of our client. We keep it tight, we keep it focused and we produce great work.

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Our videos change things, whether it’s video for education, promotion, motivation or simply to entertain. Video for the internet and mobile, for projection, for the Nasdaq video wall in Times Square — suffice it to say we know video. From conception to scripting and shooting, to editing, animation and special effects, it’s what we do. And we do it very well.


We produced the largest pharmaceutical product launch in Canadian history. We've been behind the premiere healthcare marketing awards event in the world, 10 years running. When the College of Family Physicians wanted to fill Toronto's Ricoh Centre with 6000 attendees, they called us. From boardrooms to ballrooms to cruise ships, we produce meetings.

Your website is ground zero in your marketing/communication mix. As functional, innovative and impressive as they can be, there is nowhere that a truly focused strategy matters more. We can help.

Our definition of publishing is nothing if not inclusive. Beyond our multi-award winning national guidelines books, monthly magazines, on line newsletters and corporate literature, we are leaders in the creation of multi platform programs of which print continues to play a part.


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